Straight Wall Container

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buckhorn straight wall container

buckhorn straight wall container-1040

Inquiry 1040
External Dimensions
1040X600X280 mm
40.9X23.6X11 in
149 Liters
39.4 Gallon
heavy duty straight wall containers

heavy duty straight wall containers-ST-H

Inquiry ST-H
External Dimensions
600X400X148 mm
23.6X15.7X5.8 in
26.3 Liters
6.9 Gallon
industrial straight wall bins

industrial straight wall bins-EUH

Inquiry EUH
External Dimensions
600X400X148 mm
23.6X15.7X5.8 in
29.7 Liters
7.8 Gallon
large straight wall containers

large straight wall containers-ST-C

Inquiry ST-C
External Dimensions
400X300X280 mm
15.7X11.8X11 in
24 Liters
6.3 Gallon
orbis straight wall container

orbis straight wall container-EU4622

Inquiry EU4622
External Dimensions
600X400X230 mm
23.6X15.7X9.1 in
42.9 Liters
11.3 Gallon
plastic storage boxes with straight sides

plastic storage boxes with straight sides-EUA

Inquiry EUA
External Dimensions
300X200X148 mm
11.8X7.9X5.8 in
6.2 Liters
1.6 Gallon
plastic straight wall containers

plastic straight wall containers-4314

Inquiry 4314
External Dimensions
400X300X140 mm
15.7X11.8X5.5 in
12.5 Liters
3.3 Gallon
straight wall bins

straight wall bins-EU4633

Inquiry EU4633
External Dimensions
600X400X340 mm
23.6X15.7X13.4 in
67.4 Liters
17.8 Gallon
straight wall container 36

straight wall container 36-ST-B

Inquiry ST-B
External Dimensions
400X300X148 mm
15.7X11.8X5.8 in
12 Liters
3.2 Gallon
straight wall container solid stackable

straight wall container solid stackable-EUD

Inquiry EUD
External Dimensions
600X400X280 mm
23.6X15.7X11 in
55.5 Liters
14.7 Gallon
straight wall container solid

straight wall container solid-6540-100

Inquiry 6540-100
External Dimensions
650X450X100 mm
25.6X17.7X3.9 in
19.76 Liters
5.2 Gallon
straight wall container with lid

straight wall container with lid-KLT4

Inquiry KLT4
External Dimensions
200X150X148 mm
7.9X5.9X5.8 in
2.7 Liters
0.7 Gallon
straight wall container

straight wall container-EU4311

Inquiry EU4311
External Dimensions
400X300X120 mm
15.7X11.8X4.7 in
10.8 Liters
2.9 Gallon
straight wall containers with lids

straight wall containers with lids-ST-D

Inquiry ST-D
External Dimensions
600X400X280 mm
23.6X15.7X11 in
52.6 Liters
13.9 Gallon
straight wall containers

straight wall containers-QS-438

Inquiry QS-438
External Dimensions
438X385X283 mm
17.2X15.2X11.1 in
32.6 Liters
8.6 Gallon
straight wall plastic container

straight wall plastic container-EU4322

Inquiry EU4322
External Dimensions
400X300X230 mm
15.7X11.8X9.1 in
21.5 Liters
5.7 Gallon
straight wall plastic containers

straight wall plastic containers-ST-F

Inquiry ST-F
External Dimensions
450X450X330 mm
17.7X17.7X13 in
52 Liters
13.7 Gallon
straight wall stackable containers

straight wall stackable containers-6440

Inquiry 6440
External Dimensions
600X400X400 mm
23.6X15.7X15.7 in
72 Liters
19 Gallon
straight wall stacking containers

straight wall stacking containers-pannel bin

Inquiry pannel bin
External Dimensions
745X560X230 mm
29.3X22X9.1 in
73 Liters
19.3 Gallon
straight wall storage containers

straight wall storage containers-EUB

Inquiry EUB
External Dimensions
400X300X148 mm
15.7X11.8X5.8 in
13.5 Liters
3.6 Gallon
straight wall storage totes

straight wall storage totes-EUC

Inquiry EUC
External Dimensions
400X300X280 mm
15.7X11.8X11 in
26.8 Liters
7.1 Gallon

Straight wall plastic container helps you protect parts and materials during transport, assembly or distribution, The straight wall design provides efficient cubing in trucks or on pallets and allows for more product per container thus increasing efficiency and minimizing downtime.

Straight Wall Containers deliver total cost savings and efficiency throughout the supplier-to-manufacturer material handling process. Our stack-only modular straight wall stackable containers are ideal for closed loop shipping, in-process handling and storage applications where the same containers are used throughout.

Industrial straight wall containers are injection-molded from industrial-grade polymers, making them an extremely durable storage solution for both industrial and commercial applications.

These straight wall storage containers feature solid walls and solid bottoms.These industrial straight wall bins are available in industrial-grade polymer construction. Straight wall container with lid provides lid for the containers, but you can choose the containers with or without lids.

Strong stacking rims and external ribbing help make these bins ideal for small or loose items and most conveyor systems.The HDPE construction resists stress cracks as well as most solvents and chemicals.Large, ergonomically designed handles on all four sides offer an easy and comfortable grip. You can find the best straight wall container here

Features and Benefits
Containers cube 48″ x 45″ pallets
Reinforced sides and bottoms enhance product protection
Interworking sizes allow mixed stacking on a pallet
Perimeter dust skirt on select sizes for added product protection
Compatible with other brands to expand your existing system
Ergonomic handles for easy lifting
Injection-molded HDPE construction resists impact, moisture and most chemicals
Use with temperatures of -20˚ to 120˚ F
Customization and identification options available
Backed by a one-year limited warranty
100% recyclable