storage bin

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euro crates for sale

euro crates for sale HP-5C

Inquiry HP-5C
External Dimensions
550X365X210 mm
21.7X14.4X8.3 in
33 Liters
8.7 Gallon
heavy duty stackable storage bins

heavy duty stackable storage bins EU4622

Inquiry EU4622
External Dimensions
600X400X230 mm
23.6X15.7X9.1 in
42.9 Liters
11.3 Gallon
parts bins plastic

parts bins plastic 5209

Inquiry 5209
External Dimensions
500X234X90 mm
19.7X9.2X3.5 in
7.6 Liters
2 Gallon
plastic shelf bins

plastic shelf bins 5214

Inquiry 5214
External Dimensions
500X234X140 mm
19.7X9.2X5.5 in
12.2 Liters
3.2 Gallon
plastic totes on sale

plastic totes on sale EU4311

Inquiry EU4311
External Dimensions
400X300X120 mm
15.7X11.8X4.7 in
10.8 Liters
2.9 Gallon
shelves with storage bins

shelves with storage bins 4209

Inquiry 4209
External Dimensions
400X234X90 mm
15.7X9.2X3.5 in
6 Liters
1.6 Gallon
shelving storage bins

shelving storage bins 6109

Inquiry 6109
External Dimensions
600X117X90 mm
23.6X4.6X3.5 in
4.2 Liters
1.1 Gallon
spare parts bins

spare parts bins 6620

Inquiry 6620
External Dimensions
600X620X200 mm
23.6X24.4X7.9 in
61 Liters
16.1 Gallon
stackable bin organizers

stackable bin organizers 4214

Inquiry 4214
External Dimensions
400X234X140 mm
15.7X9.2X5.5 in
9.5 Liters
2.5 Gallon
stacking storage

stacking storage bins EU4322

Inquiry EU4322
External Dimensions
400X300X230 mm
15.7X11.8X9.1 in
21.5 Liters
5.7 Gallon