collapsible plastic pallets 1210 nine feet


Product Model

1210 nine feet

External Dimensions

1200X1000X150 mm
47.24X39.37X5.91 in

Internal Dimensions

0X0X0 mm
0X0X0 in

Folded Height

0 mm
0 in

Static Load Weight

4 T

Dynamic Load Weight

1 T


26 kg
57.32 lbs


0 Liters
0 Us gallon

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Plastic pallet made from virgin pp, are strong, hygienic, water resistant and environmentally friendly plastic product. Most of our plastic pallets are compatible with racking and can be handled with fork lift trucks, pallet trucks and conveyor systems. Non slip surfaces and fully hygienic food grade plastic pallets (suitable for food companies, pharmaceutical industry and other sterile areas) are available. Better still, our plastic pallets do not splinter nor do they contain nails.For a best load-bearing capacity,we can also nail steel tubes to every runner and the pallet surface to make it more durable and strong.