pallet containers plastic 1150-985


Product Model


External Dimensions

1150X985X1100 mm
45.28X38.78X43.31 in

Internal Dimensions

1106X940X930 mm
43.54X37.01X36.61 in

Folded Height

0 in

Static Load Weight

1.5 T

Dynamic Load Weight

0.35 T


30 kg
66.14 lbs


966 Liters
255.19 Us gallon


Pallet containers plastic are also named heavy-duty plastic box with lid and pallet .It is an assembling box,which mainly consists of tray, lid and PP sheet.The length and width are fixed for each type,while the height is customized. According to customer’s products,we can also design the lining packing way. The transportation cost will be saved up to 30%-80% by the recycled use of both lining and box. Widely used in various fields,such as packaging, logistics, storage and especially used for automotive parts packaging & storage or any company with logistics demand can freely use it.

Pallet containers plastic are very convenient and save on storage space when not in use, they can even be stacked upon each other when fully collapsed. In our range you will also find one or two pallet box models with drop down doors, allowing for easy, fast access of stored goods – ideal for storing cables and displaying goods in stores.

They also provide:

High strength, durable and light weight

Better wear resistance and longer service life.

Easy to assemble

Space saving : reduce 4/5 of the volume

Shock resistance