stackable pallet bins solid wall 1210 -760


Product Model

solid wall 1210 -760

External Dimensions

1200X1000X760 mm
47.24X39.37X29.92 in

Internal Dimensions

1110X910X600 mm
43.7X35.83X23.62 in

Folded Height

0 in

Static Load Weight

4 T

Dynamic Load Weight

1 T


36 kg
79.37 lbs


606 Liters
160.09 Us gallon

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Stackable pallet bins solid wall are extra large, heavy duty bulk containers with pallet footings. stackable pallet bins solid wall come with either feet, castors or skids (skids/runners allow for storage on pallet racking). All pallet boxes allow for easy access by forklift truck or pallet trucks and most models can be stacked up to 6 boxes high (excluding pallet boxes with castors).Lids are also available and can be stacked upon.

Stackable pallet bins solid wallare ideal for a broad range of material handling applications and support capacities ranging from 1,200 to 2,500 lbs.  These industry-leading reusable containers allow you to ship, store and handle your products with ease while increasing your operation’s productivity and profitability.

Features and Benefits

  • Footprints: 48″ x 40″
  • Have plastic runners for conveyability
  • Drop-doors and four-way forklift entry improve ergonomics and handling efficiency
  • Superior durability for reliable performance
  • Customization and identification options available
  • Backed by a one-year limited warranty
  • 100% recyclable HDPE