container totes mesh wall 1210-760


Product Model

mesh wall 1210-760

External Dimensions

1200X1000X760 mm
47.24X39.37X29.92 in

Internal Dimensions

1100X910X600 mm
43.31X35.83X23.62 in

Folded Height

0 in

Static Load Weight

4 T

Dynamic Load Weight

1 T


34 kg
74.96 lbs


606 Liters
160.09 Us gallon

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Container totes mesh wall are extra large, heavy duty bulk containers with pallet footings. Pallet Boxes come with either feet, castors or skids (skids/runners allow for storage on pallet racking). All pallet boxes allow for easy access by forklift truck or pallet trucks and most models can be stacked up to 6 boxes high (excluding pallet boxes with castors).Lids are also available and can be stacked upon.
Ventilated (air holes) pallet boxes allow for air circulation, this is especially useful when storing perishable goods, such as fish, fruit and vegetables. Drainage plugs and taps can also be fitted.

Features and Benefits

  • Footprints: 48″ x 40″
  • Have plastic runners for conveyability
  • Drop-doors and four-way forklift entry improve ergonomics and handling efficiency
  • Superior durability for reliable performance
  • Customization and identification options available
  • Backed by a one-year limited warranty
  • 100% recyclable HDPE